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SME Creation & Growth

Taleed is leading the way in boosting SME growth and employment contributions, by helping selected SMEs sustain and grow their businesses through targeted support initiatives tailored to each company profile, and enabling all SMEs to thrive in the Kingdom’s business ecosystem.

New SME creation

Taleed aims to be an instrumental partner in enabling Aramco ecosystem and the Kingdom’s SME economic development. Through our suite of enabling services, we assist individuals and organizations in the creation and localization of SMEs.

SME growth support

Taleed focuses on SME development and growth through a portfolio of initiatives and support programs that enable capability building, strategy development, training, market access, advisory services, and business planning support.

Building Local Capabilities

We empower Saudi talent for future job requirements, entrepreneurship, and SME sustainability through distinctive technical and business support programs including mentoring and skill development.

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Why Taleed Program?


Identify business opportunities for the SMEs that support Aramco long-term strategy and support the Kingdom’s diversified economy.

Discounted Business
Support Solutions

Provide access to discounted business support solutions through a wide range of private and public partners.

Access to

Provide access to finance in collaboration with private and public entities.

Talent Development
and Sourcing

Provide access to vocational training and labour pool platform to hire vetted Saudi freelancers and job seekers.

Ecosystem of Leading
Industry Experts

Offer consultations and workshops for SMEs in collaboration with leading consulting companies.

SME Development

Provide training to develop the SME’s strategies, talent development, digitization, access to market, and net-zero strategy.