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Enablement of Ecosystem

Taleed collaborates with the public and private sectors to address SME challenges and support the talent needs of large companies. By developing and empowering wider ecosystems through alliances, partnerships, and initiatives, we ignite broader development and job growth within emerging sectors.

Value for Partners

A key contributor to the success of Taleed is its partners across public and private sectors. Our unique approach to developing ecosystems supports SMEs within the Aramco ecosystem and wider economic development goals for the growth of SMEs in the Kingdom.

Public Sector

We are committed to supporting our public partners as they deliver on the Kingdom’s ambition to create a more diversified economy. Our programs are designed to complement and energize existing efforts to stimulate SME growth through bringing resources and commercial expertise of relevant stakeholders.

Private Sector

Through our ecosystem-building programs, significant value-creation opportunities are co-developed to further support the Aramco ecosystem and the Kingdom’s economic transformation and diversification to grow Saudi Arabia’s GDP. Our ecosystem engagement includes industry mentors, service providers, investors and global SME scale-ups.

Join an ecosystem that fosters collaboration and longevity, enable better solutions and services for SMEs to grow stronger.

Transform your future and join Saudi Arabia’s future.

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